Rema Meets Rwandan President Paul Kagame

Rema's Triumph: Global Recognition at 2023 Trace Music Awards and His Remarkable Meeting with President Kagame

Rema's Triumph at the 2023 Trace Music Awards and Meeting with President Kagame

Nigerian afrobeats sensation, Divine Ikubor, popularly known as Rema, had the honor of meeting Rwandan President Paul Kagame at Kigali's presidential palace on a Sunday.

Rema graced the prestigious 2023 Trace Music Awards held in Kigali on a Saturday, where he clinched two coveted titles: Global African Artist of the Year and Song of the Year for his chart-topping hit, 'Calm Down.' The recognition underscored his remarkable influence and artistry within the African music scene.

Following this accolade, Rema had the distinct privilege of visiting Rwandan President Paul Kagame. During this momentous encounter, the acclaimed music star conveyed his heartfelt sentiments. He emphasized how his visit to Rwanda evoked a unique sense of finding a tranquil sanctuary, a place where he could relax and feel at home, all without the need to journey overseas.

He touched upon the common yearning for respite, the desire to unwind, and the need to escape the demands of life. In Rwanda, he discovered a source of serene energy and a distinctive vibe, which resonated with him deeply. Most significantly, Rema expressed his optimism that this sense of unity and shared identity among Africans would further amplify their collective impact and influence on the global stage.

In conclusion, he graciously extended his appreciation to President Kagame, recognizing the warmth and hospitality he encountered during his visit. Rema's words reflect the growing spirit of unity and collaboration across the African continent and the potential for a bright future built on shared values and aspirations.

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