House of Representatives Initiates Investigation into Flight Delay and Cancellation by Airline Operators

The House of Representatives launches an investigation into airline operators to address ongoing flight delays and cancellations, aiming to protect passenger rights.

Key Highlights from the House of Representatives Investigation

In response to the ongoing challenges of persistent flight delays and cancellations experienced across the nation, the House of Representatives, through a resolution made on a Wednesday, has opted to investigate the operations of all airline operators in Nigeria. This significant decision follows the adoption of a motion titled 'Need to Address Delay, Cancellations, and Ill-Treatment of Passengers by Airlines in the Nigerian Aviation Industry,' sponsored by Hon. Kelechi Nwogu.

In his introductory statements, Hon. Nwogu underscored the high recognition of Nigerian airports as the busiest in West Africa. He stressed the importance of imposing sanctions on airlines that fail to fulfill their obligations, aiming to set a precedent for other operators within the aviation sector.

The resolution highlighted several key concerns:

  1. Chronic Delays and Cancellations: The House expressed its concern over the incessant delays, cancellations, and ill-treatment of passengers by airlines at various airports. These disruptions have had adverse consequences, causing many travelers to miss critical medical appointments, business meetings, job interviews, aptitude tests, and other significant engagements.
  2. Passengers Forced to Spend Nights at Airports: The House lamented that numerous travelers have been compelled to spend the night at the airport due to avoidable delays or cancellations, leading to inconveniences and discomfort.
  3. Protracted Ticket Refund Processes: The House noted the extended and cumbersome processes for ticket refunds. Some passengers are constrained to forfeit their money due to the complexity of obtaining refunds, despite being legally entitled to a full refund, including the ticket cost, taxes, baggage fees, and any additional charges incurred during their journeys.
  4. Protecting Passengers' Rights: Recognizing the importance of safeguarding travelers' rights, the House called for the formulation of legislation, regulations, and the intervention of government bodies like the Federal Competition and Consumers Commission to protect the interests of travelers.


With a unanimous condemnation of these persistent issues, the House called upon various stakeholders, including the Minister of Aviation, the Chief Executive Officers of the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN), the Federal Competition and Consumers Commission (FCCC), and leaders of operators' associations and groups within the aviation sector. Their collective mission is to devise policies and regulations that ensure the strict enforcement of passenger rights in Nigeria.

Hon. Sada Soli emphasized the need to enforce existing regulations, attributing violations to corruption and unprofessionalism. He highlighted that airports are the first point of contact for foreigners and visitors to Nigeria, underscoring the importance of maintaining discipline and professionalism.

Additionally, Hon. Adesola Adedayo encouraged citizens whose rights have been infringed upon to seek justice and redress to hold errant airlines accountable, thus acting as a deterrent to operators within the Aviation Sector.

Hon. Kabiru Maipalace stressed the importance of incorporating appropriate penalties in aviation policies and regulations, ensuring that there are repercussions for violations.

The motion, with amendments, was put to a vote, adopted, and subsequently referred to the joint Committees on Aviation and Legislative Compliance for a thorough investigation and enforcement of regulations. This action is a significant step towards addressing the challenges faced by air travelers in Nigeria and enhancing the protection of their rights.

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