INEC and Tinubu are at odds as Atiku pushes the Supreme Court for admission.

In the midst of a legal skirmish between INEC and Tinubu, Atiku is fervently pressing the Supreme Court for admission. This intensifying clash sets the stage for a high-stakes confrontation, marking a pivotal moment in the ongoing legal and political tussle.

INEC and Tinubu Clash as Atiku Urges Supreme Court Admission.


In a fervent plea before the Supreme Court on Monday, the Presidential hopeful of the Peoples Democratic Party, Atiku Abubakar, left no stone unturned as he pushed for the admission of new documents against President Bola Tinubu. His lead counsel, Chris Uche, SAN, underscored the gravity and constitutional significance of the matter, calling on the court to consider the application and accede to their request without delay. Uche emphasized the weightiness of the issue, urging the Supreme Court to meticulously scrutinize the academic records of President Tinubu from the CSU (Columbia Southern University) that were presented by Atiku.

Underlining the criticality of a decision unencumbered by technicalities, Uche called for an unobstructed examination of Tinubu's records, emphasizing the need for the court's impartial judgment.

In a counterargument, INEC lawyer Abubakar Mahmoud vehemently advocated for the dismissal of Atiku's application, contending that the introduction of Tinubu's academic records at this stage was unjustifiable.

Echoing this sentiment, Tinubu's lead counsel, Wole Olanipekun, SAN, stressed that INEC should have been an active participant in the earlier deposition proceedings in the US. Olanipekun pointed out that the CSU depositions remained in a state of dormancy until the deponent personally appeared in court to testify. He further emphasized that seeking fresh evidence at the Supreme Court was beyond the scope of Atiku's prerogative.

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