Kaduna State Launches Extensive Yellow Fever Vaccination Drive Covering 23 LGAs

Kaduna State has kicked off an expansive Yellow Fever preventive mass vaccination campaign, covering all 23 local government areas. The initiative, targeting individuals aged nine months to 44 years, aims to provide vital protection against Yellow Fever by administering vaccines at various community-based locations. With a goal to reach over 10 million people, the campaign stresses the safety and importance of vaccination while calling for heightened awareness from traditional and religious leaders to ensure its success.

Kaduna State's Comprehensive Yellow Fever Vaccination Campaign.

The Kaduna State Government has initiated a large-scale vaccination campaign against Yellow Fever throughout the state. Hamza Ikara-Ibrahim, the Director of Public Health at the Kaduna State Primary HealthCare Development Agency, disclosed to the News Agency of Nigeria that the campaign commenced on Monday and is scheduled to continue until November 10, spanning across the 23 local government areas.

The vaccination drive aims to provide preventive measures against Yellow Fever and will be administered at various points, including health facilities and temporary fixed posts strategically positioned within communities. Inclusive locations for the vaccine rollout encompass 1,198 primary health centers, worship centers, motor parks, markets, and schools.

The targeted recipients for the Yellow Fever vaccine are individuals aged between nine months to 44 years. Ikara-Ibrahim emphasized the severity of Yellow Fever, labeling it as a "silent killer" due to the lack of routine checks for the disease. Stressing the importance of prevention, he urged people to embrace the vaccine to safeguard against the illness.

The state has set an ambitious goal of achieving an 85 percent success rate with the vaccination, with an intended outreach to over 10 million people. Emphasizing the safety and cost-free nature of the vaccine, Ikara-Ibrahim urged residents not to be misled by misinformation about its safety. He encouraged everyone to accept the vaccine.

Furthermore, Ikara-Ibrahim called upon traditional and religious leaders to amplify awareness about the importance and safety of the vaccine to ensure the campaign's success.

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