Messi's Decision Not to Present Ballon d'Or at PSG Stadium: The Explanation

Lionel Messi sheds light on his decision not to present the Ballon d'Or at PSG's stadium, citing his mixed experience during his time at Paris Saint-Germain. Despite personal fondness for the city, Messi acknowledges that his athletic aspirations didn't align with his expectations. This insight into his PSG stint offers a glimpse into the football superstar's perspective.

Messi's Reflection on PSG Stint and Ballon d'Or Presentation.

Messi Opts Out of Presenting Eighth Ballon d’Or at Parc des Princes Amid PSG Disappointment

In a candid revelation, Lionel Messi admitted his time at Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) didn't align with his expectations, hinting at a reluctance to present his seventh Ballon d’Or at Parc des Princes. While Messi and his family enjoyed living in Paris, the athletic journey with PSG fell short. Despite this, Messi reflected on the positive aspects of his time in the city.


The football icon's move to PSG in 2021 marked a significant transition, prompted by the conclusion of his contract with Barcelona. After initial challenges, Messi's performance notably improved in his second season. However, his relationship with the club and its supporters soured, culminating in fan backlash.

Notably, Messi expressed discontent with PSG’s lack of recognition for his World Cup triumph with Argentina. Consequently, he opted to continue his career with Inter Miami in Major League Soccer (MLS) rather than renewing his contract with PSG.

Inter Miami's 2023 season concluded in late October, falling short of MLS playoff qualification. Following two friendly matches in China, Messi will take a well-deserved break before the 2024 season kicks off.

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