NRC Launches E-ticketing for Lagos-Ibadan and Itakpe–Warri Train Routes

The Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC) has initiated an e-ticketing system for the Lagos-Ibadan and Itakpe–Warri train services, a significant step toward modernizing railway operations in Nigeria.

Streamlining Rail Journeys: NRC Introduces E-ticketing for Key Routes.

The Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi, has inaugurated the electronic ticketing services for the Lagos-Ibadan and Itakpe–Warri train routes. He emphasized that this system will ensure revenue from ticket sales directly benefits the government, while also curbing corruption and revenue leakage. The move is aligned with the government's commitment to eradicate corruption and enhance citizen benefits.


Dr. Magdalene Ajani, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry, highlighted the extensive efforts undertaken by the Federal Government to bring the e-ticketing platform to fruition. She emphasized that electronic ticketing for the standard gauge will effectively combat racketeering, safeguarding the economy.

Fidet Okhiria, Managing Director of the Nigerian Railway Corporation, expressed confidence that the e-ticketing system will enhance the sector's operational integrity and significantly boost revenue generation for the Federal Government. He revealed that Ticketing Solutions Limited and Global Software and Digital Solution have been granted concessions for the Warri-Itakpe and Lagos–Ibadan routes, respectively, for a 10-year period. Both private firms are committed to efficiently operating the system to fulfill their mandates.

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