Obi Condemns Abia Massacre, Calls for Enhanced Security Measures

Peter Obi voices his condemnation of the tragic killings in Abia State and urges for heightened security measures. The former presidential candidate underscores the urgency of addressing the security crisis in the region.

Former Presidential Candidate Demands Enhanced Security Measures in Wake of Abia Tragedy

The Labour Party's presidential candidate in the February 2023 election, Peter Obi, has expressed deep shock in response to reports of a grim discovery in Abia State. The findings included 80 bodies, with 20 of them found without heads, along with numerous skeletons. These remains were reportedly uncovered by security forces during a search of the forest near the Lokpanta Cattle Market, situated along the Enugu-Port Harcourt Expressway in the Umunneochi area.

In a statement released via his X account, formerly on Twitter, Obi characterized the incident as "horrifying" and indicative of the escalating insecurity afflicting Nigeria. He lamented the extent of brutality and ruthless acts, underscoring how pervasive insecurity has become, claiming innocent lives and detrimentally impacting the economy.


Obi commended Governor Alex Otti for taking a courageous stand against insecurity in the state, deeming it highly commendable. Reflecting on his own experience as the governor of Anambra State in 2013, Obi recalled a similar grim situation.

"In 2013, as governor, I received distressing news of approximately 35 decomposing bodies found in the Ezu River, Anambra. I immediately returned to the state to address the situation and restore order in the area. A thorough investigation, including autopsies, was promptly initiated before the Federal Government assumed control of the process and directed the state government to step back," Obi recounted.

Obi stressed that ensuring the security of lives and property stands as the foremost responsibility of any government and is paramount for meaningful national development. He urged all levels of government to intensify their efforts in combating Nigeria's security crisis.

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