Pope Francis Calls for Dialogue and Two-State Solution Amid Israel-Hamas Conflict

Pope Francis encourages dialogue and advocates for a two-state solution in response to the Israel-Hamas conflict. Emphasizing the need for peaceful resolution, the Pope addresses the ongoing conflict, urging both parties to seek a path towards coexistence and stability.

Pope Francis's Call for Peaceful Resolution in Israel-Hamas Conflict

More than three weeks into the Gaza conflict, Pope Francis has urged both Israel and the Palestinians to seek resolution through diplomatic means.

The leader of the Catholic Church emphasized that every war represents a failure, asserting that peace and dialogue are the true paths to resolution. At 86 years old, Pope Francis strongly advocated for a two-state solution, envisioning separate states for both Israel and the Palestinians.


While this approach has garnered widespread support for many years, it has struggled to progress despite numerous international appeals. Pope Francis pointed out the cyclical nature of conflict, where retaliations only lead to further escalations.

He stressed the importance of recognizing that it involves two peoples who must coexist. He proposed a "wise solution" - two distinct states as outlined in the Oslo Accords, with Jerusalem maintaining a special status.

The Pope made reference to the Oslo peace process initiated in 1993 between Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). Regrettably, the process has stalled for over two decades.

In addition to advocating for peace, Pope Francis unequivocally condemned all forms of anti-Semitism.

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