Peter Obi Declares Intent to Run Again in Future Elections

Peter Obi has announced his intention to contest in future elections despite not winning the 2023 presidential race, emphasizing his commitment to a new Nigeria. He expressed gratitude to supporters and highlighted the need for strong political opposition to address the nation's challenges.

Peter Obi's Ongoing Commitment to a New Nigeria.

Labour Party (LP) presidential candidate in the 2023 general election, Peter Obi, has expressed determination to continue his political journey despite not winning the 2023 election. He declared his intention to run in the 2027 presidential election during a press conference following the Supreme Court's decision on his appeal.

Obi thanked Nigerians for their support and emphasized that the journey for a better Nigeria had just begun. He highlighted his commitment to being a visionary leader dedicated to leading the country towards a brighter future.


Addressing the Supreme Court's judgment, Obi expressed deep reservations and disagreements with the decisions of the Presidential Election Petitions Court (PEPC) and the Supreme Court. He criticized the courts for not upholding principles of justice and disregarding substantial evidence of electoral irregularities.

He emphasized that, as democrats who believe in the rule of law, they had exhausted all legal and constitutional remedies available to them, marking the end of a legal quest. However, Obi made it clear that this was just the beginning of their mission to create a new Nigeria that works for all citizens.

Obi's vision for a new Nigeria focuses on prudent resource management, shifting to a production-driven economy, reducing poverty, ensuring transparency and accountability, addressing unmet needs, and promoting national unity and cohesion. He declared that the Labour Party and the Obidient Movement would continue their commitment to these principles as they entered into opposition, offering checks and balances required in a functional democracy.

Obi expressed appreciation for the support and non-partisan moral backing from Nigerians across different divides, especially the youth, in their quest to build a new and restructured Nigeria. He thanked his legal team, elder statesmen, and all those who shared their vision for a better Nigeria.

Peter Obi concluded by affirming his belief in the possibility of a new Nigeria based on character, competence, capacity, compassion, integrity, and respect for the rule of law, rooted in justice and fairness.

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