Radio Nigeria FM Station Vandalized: Urgent Call for Security Reinforcement and Government Support

A gang of armed vandals targeted Radio Nigeria's Harmony 103.5 FM station, causing significant damage and prompting the station's shutdown. Urgent calls for enhanced security measures and government assistance have emerged, underscoring the vulnerability of media institutions and the necessity for safeguarding against such attacks in Nigeria.

Urgent Appeal for Security and Government Aid After Armed Vandals Attack Radio Nigeria Harmony 103.5 FM Station.

In the early hours of Tuesday, a gang comprising four armed robbers and vandals targeted Radio Nigeria Harmony 103.5 FM station in Idofian, located within the Ifelodun local government area of Kwara State. They executed an attack resulting in the destruction of armoured cables and the theft of valuable items. The assailants, riding on two motorcycles, launched the assault at approximately 4:00 am, subduing and restraining the night guard before proceeding with their destructive acts.

In addition to vandalizing the station, the perpetrators absconded with the mobile phones belonging to the on-duty officers. The incident prompted the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN), which operates the FM station, to suspend its operations due to the significant damage inflicted on the cables.

Hajia Binta Abubakar Mora, standing in for the General Manager, condemned the attack, highlighting its severe implications for Nigeria's broadcasting industry. Expressing concern over the safety of the station's staff, she emphasized the urgent need for enhanced security and conducive working conditions. Mora called upon the federal government to intervene, citing the station's isolated and poorly lit location, which poses security risks, particularly after dusk.

The station's night guard, Wasiu Zubair, recounted the harrowing experience, stating that the vandals confronted him upon his arrival at 2:30 am, inquiring about the staff presence before forcibly entering and perpetrating the assault. He detailed the ordeal of being restrained, robbed of his phone, and physically assaulted by the intruders.

Mora emphasized the need for fortified security measures, calling on the government to bolster security frameworks across media organizations, particularly those situated outside urban centers. She stressed the necessity for adequate security and stable electricity to curb criminal activities.

The incident not only inflicted significant damage to the station but also raised pressing concerns about the safety and security of media organizations, urging immediate government intervention to fortify defenses and safeguard personnel.

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