Tems Confidently Affirms: 'I'm Not in Competition with My Music

Grammy-winning Nigerian singer Tems asserts that her only competition in music is herself. In an interview, she emphasizes her originality and personal connection to her music, viewing it as an outlet for self-expression. Tems shares that her primary focus has always been on creating music rather than seeking external validation or recognition.

Tems Affirms Her Unique Artistry: No Competition Required

Grammy-winning Nigerian artist Temilade Openiyi, known as Tems, confidently stated in a recent interview with Hot 97 FM, New York, that her sole competition in the music industry is herself. According to her, she views her artistry as entirely unique and does not perceive any need for rivalry with fellow artists.

Tems expressed, “I’m competitive within myself but I’m not competitive with other artists. Nobody can compete with me. I’m original."

The Oscar-nominated singer went on to share her deeply personal connection to music, explaining how it has served as her outlet for self-expression. She revealed, "I started making music because I didn’t have friends. I had something to say and I didn’t have anyone to say it to. So, I would just sing it. I will write it in a song and record it on my phone. I was doing that for years."


Tems emphasized that her music is a reflection of her own experiences and emotions. She believes it serves as a medium of connection for those who can relate to her sentiments, stating, "My music is for people that relate to it. So my music is coming from me. And my music is my outlet."

Regarding her unexpected rise to fame and accolades, Tems shared that she had never anticipated such recognition. Her primary focus has always been on her love for singing and creating music, independent of external validation.

Tems concluded, "Whether anybody listens to it or not, I’ve to release it. Whether it does or not, it’s none of my business. But I need to release it. And it’s for the people that can connect with it and are going through the same thing.”

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