Zamfara Integrity Forum Urges Defense Minister Matawalle to Prioritize National Role Over State Politics

The Zamfara Integrity Forum (ZIFO) has urged Defense Minister Bello Matawalle to prioritize his national role, advising against his involvement in state politics. They cited a distressing increase in poverty during Matawalle's governorship and emphasized the need for his focus on national responsibilities to foster peace and security in Zamfara.

ZIFO Urges Bello Matawalle to Focus on National Duty, Not State Politics.

The Zamfara Integrity Forum (ZIFO), a socio-political group, has strongly advised Bello Matawalle, the Minister of State for Defence, to prioritize his new role in Abuja and refrain from engaging in the state's political landscape. Alhaji Yunus Zubairu, the coordinator of ZIFO, conveyed this stance in a statement issued in Kaduna on a recent Friday.

Expressing the unequivocal rejection of Matawalle's current involvement in state politics, the group emphasized the importance of his attention being directed toward his national responsibilities. Zubairu highlighted that when Matawalle assumed office as governor in 2019, Zamfara state experienced an alarming poverty rate of 73.98 percent, significantly surpassing the national average of 40.1 percent.

ZIFO pointed out that rather than alleviating the poverty situation, under Matawalle's governance, the state witnessed a further decline, with statistics indicating a rise in poverty. Referring to a Statista report, the group noted that Zamfara had a higher proportion of impoverished citizens compared to Sokoto, Taraba, Jigawa, Ebonyi, and Adamawa states.

Citing the multidimensional poverty index of November 2022, the group highlighted a staggering 78 percent poverty rate among Zamfara's populace, signifying a worsening situation under Matawalle's tenure, escalating from 74 to 78 percent.

The forum cautioned against unwarranted attacks on Governor Lawal Dauda, asserting that such actions would only divert attention from Matawalle's duties as the state's chief security officer. ZIFO stressed the necessity of witnessing economic growth, peace, and security within the state. They urged Matawalle, now occupying a pivotal position, to concentrate on utilizing his authority to promote peace and combat crime, especially in the North-west region, specifically within Zamfara. They called for his earnest efforts in spearheading initiatives for lasting peace and security.

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