Tinubu Holds Ministers Accountable, Assumes Responsibility for Previous Administration's Shortcomings

In this article, President Bola Tinubu issues a stern warning to ministers, emphasizing the importance of performance in their roles. He also takes responsibility for the successes and failures of the previous administration. Tinubu's stance reflects a commitment to accountability and a determination to drive positive change in governance.

Tinubu's Warning: Ministers Held to High Standards.

President Bola Tinubu issues stern warning to 48 Ministers and top appointees, stressing the consequences of under-performance in their roles. Speaking at the inaugural Cabinet Retreat, themed 'Delivering on the Renewed Hope Agenda', held at the new Conference Centre of the Presidential Villa in Abuja, President Tinubu emphasized his commitment to revitalizing the nation. He acknowledged the challenges ahead, accepting responsibility for both the failures and successes of his predecessor.

Addressing the assembled ministers, aides, and government functionaries, President Tinubu urged them to take decisive actions while maintaining constructive dialogue with superiors. He encouraged open discussion in the face of disagreements, reaffirming his willingness to rectify any mistakes. Stressing the collective mission to lead Nigeria to prosperity, he highlighted the critical roles of healthcare and education in this endeavor.


He said; “It’s our country, we have no other one, let’s be proud that we’re Nigerians and we can do it, you can show leadership. We can fight to make democracy a lasting reference for the rest of Africa.

“Don’t be afraid to take decisions, but don’t be antagonistic of your supervisor. If they are wrong, debate it. I stand before you and I have claimed on several occasions and I’m saying today again, as the President, I can make mistakes, point it to me, I will resolve that conflict, that error. Perfection is only that of God Almighty.

“But you are there to help me succeed. Success, I must achieve, by all means necessary. We have great minds, great intellects, and all that we need.”

“I accept the assets and liabilities of my predecessor, it is part of my professional background. We are in this ship, don’t wreck it. I see the ministers as part of a team that will navigate and take the country out of troubled waters.

“Healthcare is priority, education is a must. No other weapon against poverty than education. You have the opportunity to change things.”

President Tinubu also emphasized the need for periodic evaluations of performance, with those falling short of the Renewed Hope Agenda's objectives facing potential removal. He announced the introduction of Ministerial Performance Bonds, a measure to ensure accountability and track progress.

In closing, President Tinubu called for a united effort to lift 50 million people out of poverty, urging compassion and responsible stewardship of resources. “We must take 50 million out of poverty. Look around, don’t be wicked. We can only spend the money, we cannot spend the people.”

 The three-day retreat concluded with participants committing to the Ministerial Performance Bond, a pledge to uphold the administration's vision and undergo regular performance assessments.

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