Winning the Key to Mourinho's Affection - Mikel Reflects on Relationship with Mourinho at Chelsea

In this insightful article, Mikel Obi, the former Nigerian midfielder, shares candid reflections on his dynamic with renowned manager Jose Mourinho during their time together at Chelsea. Mikel highlights the unique nature of their relationship, emphasizing that Mourinho's warmth and camaraderie were contingent on the team's success on the field. This revelation provides a deeper understanding of the intense coaching style that contributed to Chelsea's achievements under Mourinho's guidance.

Mikel Obi's Perspective: Mourinho's Influence at Chelsea.

Former Nigerian midfielder Mikel Obi, who began his European career under the guidance of Jose Mourinho, has shared insights into his time with the esteemed manager. Mikel, who was signed by Mourinho at Chelsea in 2006, went on to become a pivotal figure at the club, playing 119 games under the Portuguese tactician across two spells.

Mikel revealed that Mourinho had high demands and would only exhibit warmth towards his players when victories were achieved. Known for his intense coaching style, Mourinho was particularly focused on driving his players to excel. Mikel emphasized that Mourinho took losses hard and would often withdraw, isolating himself in his office for days after a significant defeat.


"As long as you're winning, you're fine," Mikel explained on the Obi One podcast. "As long as you're playing well, you're his best friend. As long as everything is going well, you guys are good."

However, in the aftermath of a crucial loss, Mikel recounted how Mourinho would distance himself from the team. "He wouldn't come down to the training ground, doesn't say a word to anybody. You greet him in the morning, and he walks past you. He doesn't even come to the restaurant. You don't see him for a couple of days until we go back to the pitch and win again."

Mikel acknowledged that while Mourinho's approach could be demanding, it ultimately led to the team's success. Under Mourinho's guidance, Chelsea secured notable achievements including the Premier League, FA Cup, and League Cup titles. The former Nigerian international's account sheds light on the high standards Mourinho set for his players, pushing them to perform at their absolute best in training and on the field, ultimately reaping the rewards of their efforts.

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