Unleashing Nigeria's Economic Potential: The Blueprint to Dominate the $1.2 Trillion AI Market

Abel Aboh, a Scotland Innovation Centre member, advises the Nigerian government on seizing the vast potential within the $1.2 trillion global AI economy. Offering strategic insights on alliances, workforce development, and talent attraction, Aboh highlights the crucial steps for Nigeria to capture a substantial portion of this lucrative economic landscape.

Strategies Revealed: Tapping into Nigeria's Potential in the $1.2 Trillion AI Economy.

Abel Aboh, a member of the Scotland Innovation Centre for Data and Artificial Intelligence, has offered crucial guidance to the Nigerian government on harnessing the expansive global Artificial Intelligence (AI) economy, estimated at $1.2 trillion. During a segment on Channels TV, Aboh emphasized the necessity for Nigerian decision-makers to acknowledge this substantial economic opportunity, noting that the nation holds the potential to secure approximately 30 to 40% of this value.

Highlighting four fundamental strategies, Aboh stressed the importance of Nigeria forging strategic alliances with Africa and other global nations. Additionally, he underscored the imperative need for the country to prioritize the development of its workforce by investing in digital skills training. Furthermore, Aboh advocated for attracting Nigerian talents from the diaspora, fostering a reconnection and leveraging their expertise to contribute to the country's AI advancement.

The advice extended by Aboh encompasses the recognition of the immense potential within the AI landscape and urges proactive measures, emphasizing strategic partnerships, workforce development, and talent attraction as pivotal steps for Nigeria to tap into this lucrative economic prospect.

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